Was it Something I Said? Palin Resigns.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin gave a rambling farewell to the Governor’s Office, announcing that she would not be a candidate for re-election in 2010 and also announcing that she was stepping down as Governor effective July 26th. Left unanswered was the critical question of who would now be watching the Russians over the Bering Strait in her absence. Ah, the national security nightmare. John Weaver got right to the heart of the matter: From the Washington Post:

“We’ve seen a lot of nutty behavior from governors and Republican leaders in the last three months, but this one is at the top of that,” said John Weaver, a longtime friend and confidant of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the party’s presidential nominee in 2008 whose of selection of Palin catapulted the first-term Alaska governor to national prominence.


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4 Responses to Was it Something I Said? Palin Resigns.

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    You have just proved my point, you have PMS (Palin Madness Syndrome). I thought your illness that you reported to me was of a biological nature.

    Let me address the issues you posed above;
    1. The security of the country of danger from the north would be in the hands of an engaged administration, if we had one. Too busy driving us into debt and unemployment. So many burdens to heap upon us, so little time to implement.

    2. Sarah Palin is the victim of ‘IOP’ (In Obama’s Pocket) Washington Post. I also believe McCains handlers were none to kind to the lady Governor. Kind of like asking Fred or Jim to do a hit piece on Palin. Or maybe the Post was hoping to mask their sell access to the Obama administration for cash on the barrel head.

    Your guy is a disaster in the making, Your Honor. I can tell because you won’t address them. Global Warming, Healthcare, Fairness Doctrine, Union card check, etc, etc, etc.

    Happy Fourth.


  2. Bill Manzi says:

    Happy Fourth Jules! Is PMS anything like BHS (Bush Hatred Syndrome)?


  3. Jules Gordon says:

    Yes, Your Honor, they are similar. BHS has been cured. Some people have lingering symptoms like the President. “I inherited…….”.

    One characteristic of the PMS sickness is that it returns only once a month, and you’ve had you attack for July.

    Be well, Jules


  4. Fred Mertz says:

    Aw, Jules, did you miss me?

    Poor Sarah. Someone said they didn’t like her. So she took all her marbles and went home. Gee, I wonder if the Russians, or the North Koreans, or the Iranians might not be nice to her. Would she just quit?

    The woman is a moron. And now, a flighty moron at that. She’s not ready to be dogcatcher in Alaska, never mind any national office. We have serious problems, and need serious people to solve them. I’m surprised that whatever support she once had hasn’t evaporated. But I have to remember never to underestimate the intelligence of the average American Republican voter …


    Happy Belated Fourth!



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