School Budget Passed by School Committee

The Methuen School Committee passed their budget on Monday night, and we were able to bring back the two band positions that will allow us to continue the level of instruction that we give today. It was a difficult budget, and the huge economic downturn that has led to big reductions in state aid will continually force difficult decisions in Methuen and across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Committee vote was unanimous. The City Council will meet tonight in budget session to vote on the school budget.

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1 Response to School Budget Passed by School Committee

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Does this now resolve the budget problem for now?

    I assume all those dire threats from the state are to be disposed of.

    When I read the threats in the paper, I saw the future of my once democratic Republic under our Autocrat-in-chief, Barak Obama.

    I assume you will have to go through all this stuff again next year as the state makes further cuts in aid to the cities and towns.



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