The Budget in Methuen

As FY 2010 draws closer we continue to put together the municipal budget for submission to the City Council. As everyone knows this will be a difficult budget season, with a municipal deficit of over $4 million dollars. We have prepared a plan to bridge that gap, and it is now being presented to our municipal unions. As part of our effort to close this gap all items, both small and large, are under active consideration. Some of those cuts under consideration have begun to leak out, such as a potential cut to the annual City fireworks display. When considered as a stand alone such a cut might draw some opposition. But any cut contemplated would need to be considered as part of the overall budget package and not as a stand alone item. We will continue to work to close this gap, and will announce our plan shortly. I have attached the Fox 25 interview I did on the subject of Fireworks.

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5 Responses to The Budget in Methuen

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    You got to work on your TV appearance. Head down, the contrite look, hands folded in front like you are before the principal to answer for some infraction. But, I guess it would be worse if you had your signature smile with your arm around the FOX reporter.

    FOX reporter??? I hope Jim or Fred don’t see this clip. Talk about being off the reservation.

    All kidding aside, I liked the report. You sounded ‘Mayoral’. Instead of dumping on the folks with higher taxes you are working to bring the budget in line with less welfare… state aid. People have to remember many workers in the private sector are lossing their jobs. The public sector workers should have no special privileged.

    I propose that the fire works be funded by private donation. I believe the expense was $35,000 and was attended by 5,000 people. Sounds like if everyone kicked in $10.00 or less with business sponsorship we could have the fireworks and make a contribution to local organizations that assist the poor.



  2. Bill Manzi says:


    I learned that look at Central Catholic while getting ready to face another round of discipline. We are working the private angle, and will know soon enough whether we will be successful. Tough budget, and tough choices.



  3. Fred Mertz says:

    I’d hold out for Maria Stephanos, myself. 😉



  4. Fred Flint says:

    In regards to the Tribune article for potential Methuen cuts in the budget, why would it be a any consideration to demote the Recreation Director to part time just to keep his secretary on for her need for health insurance. Sounds like political favoritism time. You’ve been a great Mayor Mr. Manzi but this move would surely be considered as political favoritism.


  5. Bill Manzi says:

    The Trib story was based on suggestions made by the Patrolman’s Union. I have not made the same suggestion myself, nor do I believe that our Rec Director should be made part time.



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