Arthur Nicholson Moves to a New Position

Methuen High School Principal Arthur Nicholson announced this week that he was stepping down as Principal to move to a new job as Assistant to the Superintendent. Arthur’s primary focus will be the High School project, which is moving in to high gear. Arthur Nicholson has left a huge legacy of achievment at Methuen High School, and his retirement from that position is a loss for all of us. But Arthur, as he always does, has put the kids of Methuen first. His agreement to stay on, and to help us mold the educational component of our High School project, is a huge win for the project and the High School. We thank Arthur for all of his service at Methuen High School, including two separate tenures as principal, as well as just about every other job in the school. We are fortunate as a community to have had his service in that capacity, and we remain fortunate through his continued tenure in support of our school system.

Arthur Nicholson Announces a Job Change

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