Governor Patrick Steps Up

This morning I posted on the potential for a sales tax increase, and in that post I asked where the Governor was, and speculated about the potential for a veto threat from him. He must have read my blog. He has, this morning, sent a letter with an explicit veto threat against the sales tax hike. Good policy choice, and an outstanding political move. The Governor deserves praise and credit for having the guts to threaten the veto. The move towards this sales tax increase is poorly thought out, and will destroy what is left of business along the New Hampshire border.

In his letter the Governor just about takes up the “reform before revenue” mantra, pointing to legislative inaction on his FY2009 proposals to create a new revenue stream for municipalities, the Senate’s failure to act on ethics reform, the legislative failure to act on municipal health care reform, and the pending conference committee on transportation reform which may produce a bill that the Governor considers substandard. He once again calls on the legislature to opt for “comprehensive solutions” to our problems. Without addressing reforms and revenue in a comprehensive way the Governor explicitly threatens to veto a sales tax increase.

The Governor’s veto threat should, if thought about without rancor, stop the House from voting a sales tax increase. Governor Patrick has stepped up and changed the political equation with one swipe of his pen. Now is the time for leadership to come together and bring bold solutions forward that will manage to offend some key constituencies but that will work for the Commonwealth as a whole. Kudos to Governor Patrick.


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4 Responses to Governor Patrick Steps Up

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    So the Governor paid heed to you advice and threatened to veto the sales tax legislation.

    Do you believe that the legislators are afraid to override his veto? Why? Never worried them before, even with the superior polled Romney.

    I give him points for trying to return to the ‘reform before revenue’, but I give it very low chances for success. Just the nature of the beast.

    The problem I see is your brilliant suggestion may have awakened something, but if he is doing it because of your sage advice, that still makes him incompetent. His letter your skills.

    Let me stand back and watch it all unfold.

    Your still the finest mayor I have seen.



  2. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    It’s Tuesday morning and the house does not seem afraid of the Governor’s veto. They passed a 25% increase in the sales tax.

    I am printing Google Maps directions to New Hampshire. Let me know and I will send you a copy.

    What’s to happen in the Senate?

    Jules (RWT) writing from Taxachusetts.


  3. Bill Manzi says:


    Thank you for the compliment! I really think that the Senate must be ready to act on a similar bill, and leadership will drive it, but a veto proof majority is not clear yet. The Senate budget will throw plenty of cold water on a lot of folks. The ride is just begining.



  4. Jules Gordon says:


    Well, the governor is back at taking care of his friends. Check out the Herald.

    Tin ear?…..Probably worse.



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