House Unveils its version of Transportation Reform

The House today released its own version of Transportation Reform, reporting a bill out of Transportation and Ways and Means for consideration by the full House. It will be debated, with amendments considered, tommorow. There are some differences with the Senate version, including the makeup of the new governing board. A major difference is that the House would force all current MBTA employees into the GIC by July 1, 2010. I have posted the entire bill below. As of now no executive summary is available.


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2 Responses to House Unveils its version of Transportation Reform

  1. BOB LEBLANC says:

    How does this effort differ from the reform proposal of Sen Baddour…or to put it another way in terms of pension and benefit reform..and ending duplication..which bill is real reform the House or Baddour????

    The Tribune ,with which Sen Baddour has always been favored through his special relationship with Gretchen Putnam the Editor, really slammed his effort. It is confusing!!!

    This is Sen Baddour’s area of expertise and his long standing anti-union record persuades me that the Tribune must be wrong.

    Say it isn’t so Steve. Respond to the Tribune and set them straight!


  2. Bill Manzi says:

    He did respond with a letter to the editor. And Gretchen Putnam has nothing to do with the editorials at the Tribune. That is the purview of Editorial Page Editor Ken Johnson.


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