Methuen City Council Approves High School Finance Plan

The Methuen City Council last night agreed to support the financing package I recommended for Methuen High School, getting us started on the road to modernizing our high school. Methuen is one of three High Schools in Massachusetts that was chosen for funding by the MSBA once the state moratorium was lifted. Methuen is approved through schematic design/feasibility, which will provide a roadmap for full construction. City Council also approved the contract for KBA/Trident as the Owners Project Manager, as well as the contract between the City of Methuen and the MSBA for funding. The loan order totalled $2 million dollars, which is the high estimate of what schematic design/feasibility will cost. The MSBA will reimburse Methuen for 61.26% of the costs associated with this phase of the project. Additionally we are looking at what the federal stimulus package means for Methuen in terms of school construction. The original House Bill had $1.3 million for Methuen for school construction. We are hopeful that some federal stimulus money will help to offset the design cost associated with this project. My thanks to the Methuen City Council for their support of this project.

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1 Response to Methuen City Council Approves High School Finance Plan

  1. Bob LeBlanc says:

    The Tribune reported that Councillors were talking about the need for a Proposition 2 1/2 overide to accomplish final construction plans.

    Is that true?

    If full funding comes from the state will we need to consider an override?

    What is the chance of that? Does 100% approval of spending money to plan for the project mean that 100% of the Council will vote for the bond issue even if it means a Prop 2 1/2 overide.

    Do you have 6 votes on the council if that happens? And if you do not have 6 votes under those conditions why move forward?

    Clearly the delay in moving this forward earlier means that the construction is not shovel ready and thus eligible for federal funds.

    Will Methuen have to pay for nearly $40 million and if so what does that translate in terms of increased taxes?


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