President Signs Pro Labor Executive Orders

President Barack Obama has signed a series of executive orders designed to “level the political playing field” for unions. From MSNBC:

In another move favorable to organized labor, the president signed three executive orders that union officials say will undo Bush administration policies that favored employers over workers. The orders Obama signed will:
Require federal contractors to offer jobs to current workers when contracts change.
Reverse a Bush order requiring federal contractors to post notice that workers can limit financial support of unions serving as their exclusive bargaining representatives.
Prevent federal contractors from being reimbursed for expenses meant to influence workers deciding whether to form a union and engage in collective bargaining.

President Obama has welcomed organized labor back to the White House, but will he support card check legislation that labor wants so badly? The battle lines are forming, and that is certainly worth a look in another post, as both sides are begining to wage war over the airwaves.

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3 Responses to President Signs Pro Labor Executive Orders

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    This president is creating rampart socialism. Payback to the unions.

    Do you want the unions you deal with given more power by a superior Government entity (State or Fed)? After all you are complaining about costs mandated by the state.



  2. Bill Manzi says:

    No I do not want unions given more power in muncipal affairs by governmental fiat, but I see this as fundamentally different. I have no objection to dealing with organized labor, nor do I have a problem with municipal workers being organized. I am not sitting in a room figuring out how to decertify labor unions.



  3. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I do not believe I mentioned anything about decertifying a labor union. I’m talking about your ability to manage the town without the fixed cost burden of union benefits being on the table for negotiations.

    Don’t forget, I pay those costs and when you think about raising my taxes, I think bring those benefit costs in line. But, you can’t due to that fiat.

    Even your friends won’t help you or me.



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