House Passes Stimulus

The House of Representatives yesterday passed the federal stimulus bill by a 244-188 margin, with not one Republican voting in favor. Republicans had offered a substitute that was weighted towards tax cuts. but that measure was handily defeated. I have put up the bill summary of the House Appropriations Committee in a prior post, but lets look at some of the bill description in the Washington Post:

Tens of billions of additional dollars would go to the states, which confront the prospect of deep budget cuts of their own. That money marks an attempt to ease the recession’s impact on schools and law enforcement. With funding for housing weatherization and other provisions, the bill also makes a down payment on Obama’s campaign promise of creating jobs that can reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

Governor Patrick is certainly counting on that money, as he has included federal money from this bill in balancing this years budget, and in his proposal for next years budget. The Senate will begin action next week, with the goal of having a bill before President Obama by Presidents Day.

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7 Responses to House Passes Stimulus

  1. Gerard Donahue says:

    My only complaint with this is that their was too much pork spending in this bill. Presidents should have the line item veto to cut the pork out.



  2. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Very little on stimulus. Significant amount to brag about in the next Democratic campaign.

    I’m glad the Republicans voted no to this Porkulus bill.

    What should be done? Stimulus now, Pork latter.

    Can someone tell me why ACORN, a former employer of the President, get 5.2 billion dollars especially since they are under federal investigation.



  3. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    Now that the “Stimulus Bill” is in the Senate, the Pork is now being exposed as debate begins.

    Just a note: The Republicans have crafted an alternative Bill. Using the Democrat’s economic software used to predict Stimulus results, they figured they could create 6.2 million jobs for half the price. Can’t argue the technology one way or the other.

    There will be no compromise with the Republicans and the the Republicans will not support the pork laden version.

    The next week will be interesting.



  4. Fred Mertz says:


    Is the Republican bill published for all to see, do you have a link?

    This just reminded me of a slide I ran across … when all that lard starting getting into the budget in a big way?

    From the Heritage Foundation (conservative think tank), Number of Pork Projects, 1991-2007:

    1991 546
    1992 892
    1993 1712
    1994 1318
    1995 1439
    1996 958
    1997 1596
    1998 2100
    1999 2838
    2000 4326
    2001 6333
    2002 8341
    2003 9362
    2004 10656
    2005 13997
    2006 9963
    2007 2658

    Notice the large peak during Republican congress/presidential rule? (not that I don’t suspect the 2008 numbers wouldn’t be higher under the end of the Democratic congress, I should look for the numbers).



  5. Jules Gordon says:


    I have complained about the entire Republican party being on spending binge and thought it was one of the things that brought the party low.

    The thing that bothers me is that the true stimulus line items account for less than 50% of the bill. The other stuff is wasteful or won’t see the light of day for several years.

    Those items should be handled in debate. There are consequences associated with them.

    For all you liberal debaters who, during the Bush years, crabbed about millions in debt, you find nothing wrong with trillions as long as it is your guy.

    I will look for the link you want. I know the focus is low interest on homes to correct the housing issues and tax cuts especially foor low income household.



  6. Jules Gordon says:


    Check out this link. It appears to give the new Republican version and elements of the Democratic version. You need to read the whole thing.

    Let me know what you think.

    Going to celebrate my granddaughter’s sixth birthday.



  7. Fred Mertz says:


    It’s not that we like it, it’s that it’s necessary. The debt accumulated since Reagan was mostly defense debt of a specious nature.

    You forgot to post the link.

    But have fun at your granddaughter’s birthday party!



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