The Ad Wars Start

Barack Obama unveiled a new ad campaign yesterday on the heels of his opting out of the public finance system. The significance of that opt out may be seen immediately, with Obama running this ad in what are usually solid Republican areas as well as the traditional battlegrounds. He will be on the air in Montana, Georgia, North Carolina, Alaska, and North Dakota, apparently confident enough in his finances to invest where Democrats have not invested before. He has said that he will “expand the playing field” and he has begun that process. Obama correctly will try to define himself before the Republicans do it for him, and has the financial muscle to accomplish this vital political goal. John McCain is in a tough spot, and will need the unaffiliated 527 groups to spend large sums to bridge the financial gap between him and Obama. And we are off………

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1 Response to The Ad Wars Start

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I believe George Soros and his group are funding a 527 colossus.

    This will be a bloody mess. So, what so different about Obama?


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