Celtics crush Lakers

In front of a crowd that included John Havlicek, Bill Russell and Jo Jo White the newest version of the Celtics crushed the Lakers 131-92. It was a fitting end for the Lakers, and the 17th championship for this fabled franchise. The big three each had outstanding games, with Ray Allen burying the Lakers in a flurry of theee pointers, KG dominating inside and out, and Paul Pierce becoming the series MVP with another outstanding performance. For me the story of this game was Rajan Rondo, who added an offensive punch by scoring 21, and playing swarming defense. The Celtics concept of team once more defeated the abilities of a single superstar. This is a constant in Celtics-Laker history. Just ask Jerry West! Phil Jackson was denied a tenth championship, and more importantly remains tied with Arnold Red Auerbach for the most titles won by a head coach. Phil is a great coach, but he is no Red Auerbach. Congratulations to the Celtics.

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2 Responses to Celtics crush Lakers

  1. ED says:

    Bill I had all of San Antonio, TX going for the Celtics. It’s like your Irish for a day but a Celtic for a day..


  2. Bill Manzi says:

    good job ed. celtic nation lives in texas.


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