Boring? How dare you!

Matt Viser of the Boston Globe wrote a piece that focused on Mayoral blogging. I guess the comment that hurt the most was the following:

They’re all blogging, trying to target younger constituents and promote civic engagement in a virtual forum. But the posts are, well, kind of boring.

Mayor Joseph Curatone was mentioned prominently, and some of the differing approaches to subject matter was discussed. All in all a pretty good piece, but as most of you know Mayors generally believe that everything that comes out of our mouths (or computers) is of the highest interest to everyone else. I guess Matt does not agree. Check out the Boston Globe article at this link.

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10 Responses to Boring? How dare you!

  1. Derek Jackson says:

    I’ll be blunt… sometimes you’re boring, other times you are not. You cite stories and politics that interest you for the most part (as the story states) with smatterings of city hall business here and there.

    That being said – it’s your blog. The idea of it is to write whatever you want and people can read it, like it or dislike it, and comment accordingly. The main problem I see is that unlike most of us, politicians have to be careful what you write and what you write about because your writings can be quickly turned against you. I bet Tommy Duggan reads this every day waiting for you to slip so you can end up as the top item of his web site. (No offense Tommy, I like your web site and paper)

    But reaching out to your constituents in any manner and responding to them also makes you seem more accessible. I do wish there was more of a forum for asking you questions and I’d like to see you address city business more. I do enjoy the mostly civil political discussions and sparing with Jules, but I do have one question for her: why do you refer to him as “Your Honor”?


  2. Jules Gordon says:


    Like your entry. Your are right we are generally limited to the Mayor’s choice of subject, some of which are “Manzi for Mayor” pieces, some are “I’m proud of Methuen” pieces, some are “left wing stuff”. At least he doesn’t hide it.

    After all it is a Lefty Blog.

    Two points, Derek;
    1. I’m a him not a her. I’m not even cute.

    2. I use the “Your Honor” salutation as a sign of respect for the office of Mayor and some time it is a pejorative in place of “what were you thinking, you idiot”.

    I too enjoy our discussions. Like to get a few more involved.



  3. D.J. says:

    Your official title would probably be “The Honorable William M. Manzi, III,” so I’m guessing that “Your Honor” is suitable. I’ll start using that title with you once you defeat Mayor Sullivan in the weight loss competition… đŸ™‚

    By the way…any jokes from the Saint Patrick’s Day luncheon?


  4. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Are we going to have an Eliot Spitzer entry?



  5. Bill Manzi says:

    Yes on the way!


  6. D.J. says:

    HAHA! Check out this Jerry Springer ad from his 1980 gubernatorial race in Ohio…

    Simply hilarious…


  7. Derek Jackson says:

    Jules, when I first saw your posts I originally thought you were a her but then after reading a bunch of your posts realized you were a him, but my brain forgot to tell my fingers.. my apologies.


  8. Jules Gordon says:


    I will not except your apology. There is none required. It was, after all, an honest mistake.

    I happen to know several women named Jules.

    Let’s keep our discussions going.

    Any comment on Spitzer? As a Clinton supporter he has to have an effect on Hillary’s campaign.

    I kind of feel sorry for her. Her husband, Bill, and good friend Eliot are both adulterers.



  9. Derek Jackson says:

    I don’t really know how to comment on Spitzer. I will at least give him credit for resigning instead of forcing an impeachment process. As for Hilary, as you say her husband is an adulterer, but people still vote for her, I don’t think they will change their minds. I don’t think it matters anyways – the math favors Obama at this point anyways.


  10. Jules Gordon says:


    Have you plugged the Super Delegates into your math?

    The Clinton machine could take it away through back room deals, after all, they are pretty close to each other in delegates.



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