Methuen Job Growth

Mass Inc has just produced a report titled “Mass Jobs: Meeting the Challenges of a Shifting Economy, ” in which Methuen was cited as the only large local city to add jobs since 2001. From the Eagle Tribune.

According to the report, Methuen was the only large local community where more jobs have been created than lost since 2001.

“We’re lucky here,” said Karen Sawyer, Methuen’s director of economic and community development.

Retail jobs have increased since The Loop shopping center opened in 2000, she said. And companies such as Parlex Corp., the General Mills Columbo/Yoplait yogurt plant and 3M Touch Systems have held jobs steady or expanded. Jobs continue to be added in Methuen as new employers such as Target and F.W. Webb move to the city, Sawyer said.

“We’ve had an influx of new business in both the manufacturing and retail sectors,” she said.

Economic Development is obviously good financially for localities, but the ability to add jobs is just as critical. The regional nature of our economy is an important part of this story. Read the Eagle Tribune article at this link.

Go to the Mass Inc website to view the full report here.

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