Nevins Family of Services

I was honored to be the keynote speaker at the Friends of the Nevins Family of Services annual dinner. From the Nursing and Rehab Center, to the Adult Day Health Center to the state of the art Alzheimer’s Family Care Center, the web of human services that Nevins provides is second to none. The facility is also home to an residential wing that was saved from the potential for demolition by a HUD 202 Grant. It is an important part of our historic heritage, and provides Methuen and the Merrimack Valley with the finest of care. I am pictured with Billy Pittochelli, Director of Admissions, and Felix Albano, President and CEO. I have family at this facility, and from a personal point of view I cannot say enough about the care they provide. My CCHS classmate from 1974, Brian Sheehy, founded the Friends with Bill Pittochelli, and they delivered a ten thousand dollar check to the Nevins Family of Services that night.


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