Campbell Endorses Manzi

State Representative Linda Dean Campbell today endorsed my candidacy for re-election as the Mayor of Methuen. I have a truly great working relationship with Representative Campbell, and I consider her to be an outstanding public servant. I am honored that she would give me her support. From the Press Release announcing her support.

Methuen State Representative Linda Dean Campbell today announced her support for the reelection of Mayor William Manzi. Manzi has served as Mayor since his election in 2005 and is seeking reelection this November. Campbell has served in the House of Representatives since her election in 2006 and currently sits on the Joint Committee on Revenue, Joint Committee on Telecommunication, Utilities and Energy as well as the Joint Committee on Veterans and Federal Affairs.
“I credit Mayor Manzi with a number of extraordinary accomplishments achieved in a very short period of time. Among them are guiding Methuen through the worst flooding in a hundred years – we worked closely together to ensure Methuen received maximum state and federal aid. Before this flood Manzi had revamped the city’s Emergency Management System, restructured several city departments including Community Development, Health, Human Resources, Animal Control and Fire in order to make our City’s government run more efficiently and effectively, greatly improving our capacity to address future emergencies,” said Rep. Campbell.
In the area of education, Mayor Manzi has put a new Superintendent in place and has taken strong and effective measures to weed out non-resident students and reduce class sizes. The savings accrued have allowed the city to purchase new and needed playground equipment at two of our schools.
Campbell added, “Most importantly, from my perspective, he has coordinated with me on a weekly basis and led our educational community in exceeding all the state requirements necessary to be highly competitive for a new high school.”

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