Veterans Endorse Tsongas

The Veterans and Military Families for Progress yesterday endorsed Niki Tsongas in Methuen. It was a wonderful outdoor event, with Methuen’s many Veterans monuments overlooking the gathered group. I was pleased to take part in the event, and there were many veterans on hand, including State Representative Linda Dean Campbell and Tuskegee Airman Luther McIlwain and the Citizens for Civic Courage, who endorsed Niki Tsongas last month. It was great to have Sam Poulten in Methuen. We are going to try to bring him back frequently. The event focused on Niki Tsongas’ real committment to our veterans, with light criticism of the Bush Administrations record in that area. The failures by this administration in the area of veterans affairs have been shocking, and the remarks by Niki Tsongas really did resonate with the veterans on hand. I really believe that providing quality services for our returning veterans should not be partisan, but the incompetence of the Bush Administration in this area has been glaring.

Tsongas Veterans Event


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