The Fifth District Candidates Respond

As you know from this blog Mayor Sullivan and I issued a joint statement on Polartec (Malden Mills) a couple of days ago. The Eagle Tribune has written a story, and got the candidates to respond. And what did the candidates say:

“In Congress, Jamie will, of course, support keeping jobs in the 5th District and will ensure that these workers have safe working conditions and that they have a living wage and he’ll fight for universal single-payer health care.”

– Tom Mills, spokesman for Democratic candidate Jamie Eldridge

“I think they’re absolutely right as far as Polartec goes and making certain that the next congressperson is working together with the mayors and the government to make sure it remains vital and that a critical component is the military contracts and to make sure they stay in place. I can tell you, coming from my background, having represented the largest city in the district, my experience and my intent in Congress really goes to the heart and soul of local issues.”

– Democratic candidate Eileen Donoghue

“I think it’s a great statement, something I support and something I have been involved with throughout my career. I helped lead the fight to get Malden Mills tax credits when they had their horrific fire and to get them some relief.”

– Democratic candidate Barry Finegold

“Other candidates are talking about increasing taxes on working-class people in the 5th. The problem with illegal immigrants is a local issue. Jim has repeatedly said that he does not support amnesty for illegal immigrants and illegal immigrants cost people their jobs.”

– Barney Keller, spokesman for Republican candidate Jim Ogonowski

“During the late 1960s and early 1970s I was a U.S. Marine Corps infantryman attached to … a unit that specializes in sub-zero temperature warfare. As one who spent many nights on sub-zero maneuvers in the ‘long john’ era, before Polartec was invented, I say ‘Semper Fi Polartec’ and I pledge, if elected to Congress, to do everything in my power to keep my brother Marines and my Army comrades protected by Polartec.”

– Republican candidate Tom Tierney

“Niki certainly understands how critical it is that (Polartec) remain a strong part of the economy in Methuen and Lawrence and if elected she’ll continue the work that Congressman Meehan and Sens. Kerry and Kennedy have done to secure federal contracts for the company. What Niki has said on the campaign trail is that a member of congress (not only) plays a very important role in dealing with national issues, but making sure she understands how those national issues impact very local communities.”

Katie Elbert, spokeswoman for Democratic candidate Niki Tsongas

So, what do you think? Some pretty generic answers in that group, and some pretty good ones. Do these ladies and gentlemen get it?

Read the Tribune article at this link.

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