Eagle Tribune Endorses Donoghue

The Eagle Tribune today endorsed Eileen Donoghue for Congress. The Trib joins the Lowell Sun in endorsing the former Lowell Mayor. I found the endorsement interesting, as the Tribune urged a focus on local and regional issues, rather than the national issues that have dominated the debate in this race. In the joint statement issued yesterday by Mayor Michael Sullivan of Lawrence and myself we urged the candidates to do exactly that. While the focus of our statement was Polartec (Malden Mills) I believe that any number of local issues have not been discussed. The Tribune said:

We’d like to see a stronger focus in Donoghue’s campaign on the 5th District’s interests and less attention paid to national matters. We’re electing a congressman, not a senator. But the same criticism can be applied to Donoghue’s opponents.

A pretty good point, and one that is vital for our region. The winner of this seat will need to be intimately involved in many local and regional issues, including economic development, infrastructure, and so much more. It will be a demanding job, if done properly.

Link to the Eagle Tribune endorsement here.

Read the Lowell Sun endorsement of Eileen Donoghue here.

Read the joint statement of Mayor Sullivan and myself here.

I have endorsed Eileen Donoghue in this race.

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3 Responses to Eagle Tribune Endorses Donoghue

  1. Jim says:

    Hear, Hear!!! Though I’m sure you do know which way they will lean for the general election, right Mayor?

    During the WCVB debate, I was particularly disgusted w/Tsongas dismissal of the negative effect NAFTA has had on this country and how we (as US citizens) merely need to continue to pursue further education to stay employed — doing what, serving hamburgers??!! I DON’T CARE that Kerry and Kennedy may have voted for it then, the reality is NOW!!

    I have an under-grad CIS degree and an MS in Telecommunications that I worked to get and which has served me well w/27 years in the telecom sector. Fortunately, I am still employed (though tenuously after watching 100,000+ of my fellow employees continue to be downsized). But, considering that nearly all of those jobs have been, or are soon to be offshore along w/most other tech jobs, and further considering that I am now in my late 40’s (though I still refuse to acknowledge that reality ;->), is it really in my best interest to simply go back to school for another few years so that I can earn half of what I’m making now? Tsongas is simply another case of a politician w/a sound bite that’s out of touch w/reality.


  2. Bill Manzi says:

    The NAFTA issue has been dodged by the Tsongas campaign for some time. They stopped posting here when I asked them to “clarify” the candidates position on NAFTA. The phrase that sticks in my mind is is “the hollowing out” of America. It is exactly the point Mike Sullivan and I have raised with regards to Malden Mills. What about JOBS in the Merrimack Valley? What about MANUFACTURING JOBS? I couldn’t agree with you more. I think Democratic votes on NAFTA were swayed by the President at the time. I find it difficult to believe that Democrats would vote that way today. Elitist opinion pays little heed to such concerns.


  3. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Jim focuses on a dilemma, No matter which party is in office, even one that panders for votes, the dynamics of economics is globular and drives events. Eileen Donoghue, Niki Tsongas, nor any of the other candidates can do much about it without distorting the local economies.

    I have watched the furniture, textile and shoe industries move first to southern states then overseas. Jobs were lost and people complained. Then the hi-tech industry moved in and spent itself until today it is a shadow of itself in New England.

    The largely Democratic legislation and administration during those times could do nothing except rail against the issue. The results would have been the same even if the Republicans were in charge.

    As the economy changed in character over those many years, people had to learn new jobs.

    From mill hands to engineers and technicians and now to financiers, bankers and medical skills.

    As an Engineer I remember the Boston Globe being full of engineering jobs. Now, you find very few. Lots of software, management, medical and of course the ubiquitous laborer jobs.

    There is now a push to send jobs oversees. If you call a tech help line when you have have a computer problem, you will likely get an office in New Deli, India. China is the 800 pound guerrilla in the world. Lots of jobs went there. Heck, a lot of the Illegal immagration problems stem from Mexican jobs going to china.

    Manufacturing is portable.

    What can the winner of the 5th district race do about it? NOTHING.

    To build import protections through tariffs would raise prices. What then?

    Make regulations to keep plants from moving? Prices would also go up and new companies will not open.

    European countries that implement this strategy have 10% to 15% unemployment along with high taxes to support them.

    Another problem is that our legislators have two constituencies;

    1. Voting constituencies. We listen and vote for the person of our choice. To attract this vote, our politicians say what they think we want to hear.

    2. Financial Constituencies. The obligation to those who finance the political election, and the pressure from well financed lobbyists who get paid to influence our politician to the needs of their customers.

    Added to all that is the pressure and influence from our representative’s own peers.

    Who do you think has more influence? The voter?

    With all this goings on our unemployment figures are below 5%. Something is backfilling the job that are lost.

    Jim, I wonder what the reality is?

    Can any of these candidates bring home the troops as promised?

    Can they protect you jobs as promised?

    I think not.

    You have to protect your self through alertness and life long education.

    I wish Jim good luck. I understand what he is going through.



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