Cape Wind Part Two

Well I have finished reading Cape Wind, and I really did enjoy the book. Some great inside detail on the battle to create a wind farm off of Nantucket Sound. The book is obviously pro Cape Wind, and really does belittle wind farm opponents. I was pro Cape Wind even before the read, and the book re-inforced my views. Obviously a main target is Senator Ted Kennedy. The book lampoons his double standard on wind energy mercilessly, and the media has not been far behind. I saw a great Comedy Central bit on You Tube that I have posted here. It is hilarious. The convergence of labor and environmentalists has been notable as well. My friends over at IBEW Local 103 have been big proponents of wind power, and have an operating windmill at their facility in Dorchester. Link to a Patriot Ledger story here on that subject. Wind Power is a necessary part of our future, and worrying about a change in scenery doesn’t contribute to solving our country’s energy problems. Link to the Cape Wind website here.

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3 Responses to Cape Wind Part Two

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    If the wind studies show the potential energy is available to produce electric power for a large section of the Cape, then it should be implemented, especially if private investment is the driving force.

    I have seen many of these sites in strategic locations in Texas and California. They are strange looking and in my eye, not attractive. But they are functional and save coal derived pollutants.

    The number of sites in America than can economically support wind farms is limited, and will limit this power source to a small percent of the whole.

    I do not understand the actions of our senior senator in this matter. It appears blatant hypocrisy to me. A NIMBY mentality so common in a Liberal Massachusetts.

    Can you explain why Ted Kennedy does not want live within site of the wind farm?

    I have a trash to energy plant across the river in North Andover. If the senator gets his way does that mean I can have the nearby plant torn down?

    (Probably not.)

    Have a good day.



  2. Bill Manzi says:

    I think I could explain it, but the explanation is not one that reflects favorably on the senior senator. Rich people do not want their pristine views disturbed, and have invented all sorts of problems that have held up the project. Senator John Warner of Virginia is also held up to some pretty severe criticism in the book. The Senate, after all, is a pretty exclusive club, and when it comes to doing favors partisan bickering can disappear. If only they would work so well together on things that matter.


  3. Thank you for your nice comments.
    Wendy Williams


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