VP Debate Thoughts

I had an opportunity to watch the Vice Presidential debate last night, and I although I was impressed with both candidates I gave the edge to Vice President Joseph Biden. In terms of accomplishing goals I think both candidates likely achieved what they needed. The Democratic base, a little dispirited after the Presidential debate, is now invigorated. Based on some of the Republican response I think it fair to say that they were very satisfied with the Ryan performance. The big question is what impact, if any, did the debate have on the undecided.

Biden took the debate to Ryan, and like Romney in the Presidential debate I considered him to be the aggressor. Ryan certainly offered more potent counter-punching than the President did, but Biden gave Democrats reason to cheer by continually assaulting Ryan on the 47% issue, by poking the clear holes in the Romney tax reduction plan, and on the Romney position on Afghanistan. I thought Ryan scored on the Libyan issue, and did the best he could with a weak political hand on Medicare.

In the end I believe that moving the needle will only happen at the Presidential debate level. But the VP debate was, in my opinion, a good one that crystallized the differences between the two very different visions for America.

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