Here Comes Sarah

Sarah Palin just released a video highlighting her recent trip to Iowa, and Karl Rove is telling folks that he thinks she is getting in this race. Some of the Rove comments are reflective of the reality in Sarah Palin’s political world, i.e. standard political methods of operation do not apply to her. She can run for President without setting up formal campaign structures, including finance, that everyone else seems to need. There can be no doubt that Sarah Palin generates crowds, excitement, and free media coverage wherever she goes. And she has proven very adept at earning large sums of money from Sarah Inc. The same has been true of Newt Gingrich, who has taken much the same approach to “traditional” campaigning as Sarah Palin. (Newt is currently campaigning in Hawaii). In the end the result will be the same. Celebrity candidates who do not wish to do the “line work” of campaigning will come to an ignominious end, rejected by voters who see through the laziness masquerading as “new campaign methods”. But a Palin candidacy must spell some real trouble for Michelle Bachmann, and could, if it lasts, hurt Rick Perry as well. I for one hope she comes in.

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  1. Jules Gordon says:


    Democrats are preparing to raise taxes through internet sales tax.
    Tax and Spend. Here we go again.



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