Governor Patrick Takes to the Air

Governor Deval Patrick took to the air today, releasing his first TV spot, trying to contrast his “values” with his opponents. The Governor talked about balancing budgets, and doing so through a combination of cuts and “revenue” increases that allowed for investments to be made in public education and health care. Do the voters of the Commonwealth share those values?

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1 Response to Governor Patrick Takes to the Air

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    “Revenue” increases??? He actually is using that term for “Tax and spend”. If he is using that term in a campaign add then you know he will actually do it. “Cuts”, not so much.

    QUESTION; Do you share his values and are you looking forward to his re-election?

    Saw your piece about your challenging state health care policies. Very brave and rightfully so. If Baker gets in he may be of help, if Patrick wins, fogetaboutit.



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