Governor's Race Jousting

New strikes by both Democrats and Republicans warmed up the Governor’s race a bit, with Charlie Baker unveiling a new radio ad touting his experience as the head of Harvard Pilgrim health care, and Tim Murray issuing a new internet video slamming Baker for that experience. Murray used the video to tie Baker to the national Republican policy of fighting against the extension of unemployment benefits while highlighting his big salary over at Harvard Pilgrim. Neither side mentioned Tim Cahill.

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2 Responses to Governor's Race Jousting

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Reality Check.
    Republicans did not favor the Extension because the Democrats wanted to add the cost to the deficit already past a Trillion this year.

    The Republicans offered an idea to use unspent “Stimulus” money. (Why is there unspent stimulus money?) Now you must admire this alternate idea. No increase in deficit.

    The idea was rejected by your party. Of course our president denigrated the Republicans for votes.

    Now let me tell the story of the Mayor of our town who courageously balanced the budget (this year) by firing people (I support his action) Does that mean the Mayor hates union people? Can I make that argument if this were an election period?



  2. Bill Manzi says:


    I have more empathy for your position than you might think. I do think it is better to pay for the spending, even the extension. Were I to have a vote in Congress I would vote to enact a strict pay-go system. That pay-go system would also include tax cuts. Anything that adds to the deficit can be criticized, but certainly I think that an unemployment extension for those folks unable to find work is desirable economically, and the right thing to do socially. Certainly fighting the deficit includes both the revenue and expense sides, wouldn’t you agree?

    In terms of the stimulus money some remains unspent due to the larger projects being funded with it. Rail, broadband in Western Mass, and some economic development projects all are in the pipeline. I know you disagree with the stimulus bill so that is likely of little concern to you. But in this day and age those are projects that will help.

    In terms of that courageous Mayor 🙂 some of the union folks would make that argument now. But in politics, unfortunately,the ability to make such a charge is always there. And Jules if you fail to make it someone else likely will. Thanks for the kind words.



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