Health Care Reform Passes

The House last night passed Health Care Reform, adopting the Senate version, with a “reconciliation” piece ready to be sent to the Senate to make “corrections” in the bill. It was and is a historic achievement, and a testament to the tenacious resolve of the President on this issue. The House vote was 219-212, with the entire Massachusetts delegation except for Rep. Steve Lynch voting for it. The political battles are just beginning. Will Republicans be able to capitalize politically?

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2 Responses to Health Care Reform Passes

  1. Ben Nevis says:

    Kudos to Rep. Steve Lynch! He deserves the “Profile in Courage Award”. However he’ll pay a price for his “disloyalty” to the Party. As the late Red Buttons might say Steve Lynch will “never get a dinner.”


  2. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Have you figured out how this monster will effect Methuen?



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