Governor Prepares to Sign

Governor Patrick indicated in today’s Globe that he is prepared to sign both the Transportation Reform bill, as well as the Ethics Reform bill passed by the Legislature. And since he will sign both he appears to have no choice but to sign the sales tax increase, and he acknowledged as much in today’s Globe.

Speaking at a late-afternoon press conference, Patrick did not say explicitly that he would sign the sales tax measure, but he strongly suggested he would do so.

“I will keep my end of the bargain,’’ he said. “They seem to be keeping theirs.’’

I take this as a victory for the Governor, even though he will take heat in some quarters for signing a tax increase. His veto threat moved the Legislature towards his position on both transportation and ethics, and while I am sure he considers both bills slightly imperfect he largely got what he needs. He can now do what he does in his press conference statement, which is to take a victory lap.

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8 Responses to Governor Prepares to Sign

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    In the field of “making silk purses from pig’s ears” or
    ‘committee designing a horse resulting in a camel”, I would like to comment on these “slightly imperfect” bills.

    They hurriedly passed an Ethics bill designed behind closed doors and ended up with a marginally better bill which, by the way, did not do away with the ‘Open Meeting Law’ and ‘Public Records Laws’.

    While it improved ethics commission powers and penalties it did not ban political donations from lobbyists, a benefit not extended to doctors.

    The transportation bill will improve our lives how?

    Is there a savings? If so how much?
    Will we avoid a new big dig?
    Will we keep up with asset maintenance?

    When all is said and done it is the quality of the people and leadership that makes things happen, good or bad. So my question is have we just re-arranged the deck chairs on the Titanic?



  2. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    A governor who should take a victory lap is Governor Perry of Texas.

    Balanced Budget.
    NO tax increases.
    Added to surplus.

    Ever wonder why Massachusetts can’t do that? I guess it’s because it’s who we are.



  3. Gerard Donahue says:

    Jule & Mayor Manzi:

    Well, I guess if the Sales tax does become law then a lot of residents will be going to NH for buying stuff.



  4. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    Gerard is correct so I propose Methuen place toll booths at all NH border crossing to help balance the budget from the expected increase in traffic.



  5. Fred Mertz says:

    In Texas, it helps to have an oil well or two.

    Feed a Texan: buy a Hummer!



  6. Jules Gordon says:

    If Deval Patrick, or any other Massachusetts Democratic Governor, had oil wells they would spent the revenue and be in the same indebted state we are now in. Democrats use revenue to bribe constituents to vote themselves back into office and then raise their taxes. Constituents love to be taxed.

    Feed a Massachusetts Democrat and they will be your friend forever.

    See you in New Hampshire.



  7. Fred Mertz says:


    Have you checked out our neighbors in NY, where Republicans have run the legislature for 40 years?

    Both states have entrenched monopolies that should be broken up. Trouble is, you can’t find sane Republicans to vote for. Too much of a filter, apparently.



  8. Jules Gordon says:

    The point is that a large state did a good job. I did not mention any political party.

    Now you are jumping all over the place looking to obfuscate the issue.

    Perry did it. Massachusetts didn’t Get over it.



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