Methuen Relay for Life

Methuen’s Relay for Life is occurring this weekend, and it has been a huge success. When Scott Yim and Madison Aleska came forward with this idea last year I really do not think that anyone believed it could turn out to be as big as it has been. Scott and Madison, and the big team they assembled to put this together, have pulled off a stunning success. The magnitude of their accomplishment can be seen in the particpation levels, and the money raised. They had an initial goal of raising between 30 and 40 thousand dollars. They raised over $130,000 for the American Cancer Society. A great achievement by these two Methuen High seniors. Scott will be attending Harvard, and Madison will be attending Boston College next year. Congrats to them, and all that worked to make this event a success.
See the photo set here.

Scott and Madison at Relay Opening

Opening Remarks Methuen Relay for Life

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2 Responses to Methuen Relay for Life

  1. LDone says:

    Scott Yim and Madison Aleksa, President and Vice-President of the MHS Class of 2009, have proved themselves, and their classmates, to be the outstanding Citizens of the Year and beyond.
    We have never seen such an unselfish display of comradery, compassion and love for their fellow human beings. Who would think that at the ages of 17 and 18, these two kids could inspire an entire town? The amount and diverse group of people who attended the Relay for Life Weekend was astounding! Probably never seen before in the Town of Methuen.)

    But, some who know Scott Yim and Madison Aleksa knew that whatever they did would definitely be a success. They included all their classmates, all the citizens of Methuen, and others from out of town to come forward and be counted for the continuation of cancer research. (The real winner of the entire weekend was the chance to bring back a focus on how, we as Americans, can rid the world of this horrific disease, called Cancer.

    Scott and Madison have a litany of volunteerism that they have chosen to do through their high school years. They are students who we look up to and can only wish that we could be more like them.

    God Bless Scott, Madison, their classmates and all the people who supported their altruistic and selfless efforts.


  2. Fred Mertz says:

    Well said, LDone!


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