Grievance Denied

I have denied a grievance by the Methuen Police Patrolman’s Association which essentially demanded an extra day off on Christmas Eve, a benefit bestowed by contract on another bargaining unit. The MPPA demand would have cost Methuen taxpayers a chunk of money without a corresponding benefit defined in the generous contract that the City has bestowed upon them. The MPPA has taken my action to arbitration. Todays Eagle Tribune covered the story.
Read the Tribune story here.

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2 Responses to Grievance Denied

  1. never mind says:

    Bill you talk about saving money and deny the Patrolmans union right to a day off. You have been paying a Chief to not even show up to work. The Police Department is so top heavy, that if there were lay offs you would have nothing but brass left. The police department, if they had a good streets narcotics unit, should be bringing in some money. Ask yourself Bill. What have you done for the police officers of the Methuen Police. You talk about contracts, why dont you explain to the public how over the years you have separated the pay of a Sgt. and a Patrolman by 31%. That figure rises every contract year. You give the superiors way more money than they deserve. Chief Bruce Mcdougal operated, very well, a department with half of the Brass. he utilized two Captains, we now have 4. The department does not need that many superiors walking around getting hefty paychecks doing nothing. You also have criminals, and money thieves that still put a uniform on. You will not address this matter because you are afraid. Afraid that they might air your dirty laundry. Why dont you individually speak to the members of the patrolmans union. If you listened once in a while you might learn something.


  2. Bill Manzi says:

    Let me address your inane ramblings one by one. Let me start with your last one.

    “If you listened once in a while you might learn something.”

    Well why don’t you come on up to my office and tell me what it is that I am missing. I don’t think that you will, because you choose to hide and throw rocks. I have the guts to stand up. You don’t. Period.
    Now lets deal with your other absurdities. You don’t like the fact that Civil Service gives the right to the Chief to have due process and that until a hearing is over his status is paid administative leave. If that is the case then why did the Patrolman’s Union speak out against the removal of the Chief’s position from Civil Service? I supported and signed that bill so that this type of outrage won’t happen again in Methuen. You just hide! Additionally I assume your objection to the Chief being on paid administrative leave will lead you to support my right to place any officer on unpaid leave pending an administrative discplinary hearing?I will be happy to accept that right should you and the union choose to bargain that. Then I guess we wouldn’t have to pay any position twice.But you won’t support that. You only want unpaid leave for those you hate.
    Your comments about the Department being top heavy are funny in light of your being a superior officer. Maybe you should go back to the ranks yourself to thin out our top heavy department. In case you were ignorant of the fact in my tenure as Mayor we have not added one superior officers position. I just announced that the position of deputy chief would not be funded in the next budget cycle. Get your facts right before you blow off so much hot air.
    Now lets talk about who has done what for the Methuen Police Department. Both Patrolman’s and Superiors contracts were settled in year one. Are you saying that the contracts were not fair to either union? I have settled one contract with each unit during my tenure, and I did not bargain any increase in the spread between patrolman and sgt. That ratio was in place when I took office. Another round of hot air without any factual basis. Now lets look at the top salaries of our patrol officers to see how badly they are being treated.
    Yeah lets talk about who has been good to the Methuen Police Department.
    Now lets finish with your final inanity.”You also have criminals, and money thieves that still put a uniform on.” Who are the criminals, and what crime have they been charged with? I assume that you, as a peace officer, have reported the crimes that you are aware of to the proper authorities. Or are you saying that I should be able to discipline and fire police officers because of a suspicion of a crime or payroll abuse. Again, I would ask you to come forward and promote further management rights for me, so I can harshly deal with those that YOU suspect of criminal activity. After all, why do we need courts or hearings or evidence when we have your statement that someone is a criminal. Thats good enough I guess. The sickening part is that you probably are in the Department being polite as you can be to these “criminals”. Maybe I should be able to dismiss those that “consort with known criminals”! Food for thought by your logic. Get your facts straight before you start talking about dirty laundry. My laundry is out in the open. Yours seems to resemble a skirt, and you appear to be hiding behind it.


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