Democratic Debate

I was able to attend the Fifth Congressional Democratic debate last night in Devens and the contrasts are starting to be drawn. The candidates are begining to offer direct criticism of each other, and it was great to see the heat raised a notch or two. After the debate I was left wondering what Nikki Tsongas’ position is on NAFTA. (She didn’t really want to answer). Nice format and excellent moderation. Link to the Lowell Sun story here.

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11 Responses to Democratic Debate

  1. DJ says:

    They all did great. I loved Jim Miceli’s “Shut up, Barry!” comment to Finegold. In my opinion, that was the line of the night.

    However, Niki Tsongas proved why she will be the best Representative for this district in Washington. She knows the ways of Washington, which makes her the best suited candidate to change the ways of Washington. The other candidates are fine people – Donoghue is a great City Councilor for Lowell, Eldridge, Finegold and Miceli are all great State Representatives for their areas, but Tsongas has the experience that will help her get to work for this district on Day One. She is already known, respected, and admired in the halls of the Capitol. But get this: She has never held public office! She has been an honorable public servant throughout her life, and coincidentally, owes nothing to anyone but the people of the 5th District.

    One more point: How does Finegold plan to pay for his $100 billion clean energy plan, and how does Eldridge plan to pay for his single-payer health care plan? FYI: Canada and Mexico both have single-payer health care. Where do they go for their treatment? Just some food for thought.


  2. Bill Manzi says:

    Yes, but what is her position on NAFTA? All of the other candidates said NAFTA was wrong, what about Nikki?


  3. Bill Manzi says:

    What about the Finegold mishap over being pro-choice. Eldrige caight him flat-footed on his sponsorship of the waiting period bill, and Finegold not knowing his name was on the bill just made it a little worse. The Eagle Tribune article on the debate focused in on the Finegold mistake. Link to it at


  4. Jim says:

    hmmm, Finegold has issues, Tsongas has issues….I’m now wondering whom I shall support? 😉


  5. Bill Manzi says:

    I would never think to try to influence your thought on that. However now that you mention it have you looked at former Mayor (and current City Councilor) Eileen Donoghue of Lowell.


  6. DJ says:

    Eileen was an excellent Mayor for Lowell and has been a great City Councilor as well. However, I am working for Niki Tsongas because I feel that she will be the most effective leader for this district in Washington.

    (In my opinion, going from legislating in the local city council chamber about issues such as local economic development and local constituent issues is a far cry from legislating in the Capitol of the United States about issues of extreme importance such as Iraq, global warming, and health care…just my opinion)

    Niki knows how to work the ropes and get things done. Her husband was our Congressman for four years, a U.S. Senator for six, and was even a frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1992. As a political spouse, you learn the ways of government. Washington needs a change, and Niki knows Washington well enough to lead the charge toward the change we all are seeking in our government. Go Tsongas!


  7. DJ says:

    Jim — out of pure curiousity, what are Niki’s issues that you were referring to in your previous post?


  8. Jim says:

    DJ – I was referring to the Mayor’s observation on Niki’s neglect to establish her position on NAFTA. I’m sure you recognize the impact it has had on this country as virtually all of our well-paying jobs have been (and continue to be) outsourced…unfortunately, even her website makes no mention.


  9. Bill Manzi says:

    She actually was questioned on this at the Devens debate and asked to state a position. She on two occasions refused to say, and pointedly refused to say NAFTA was the wrong prescription for this country. Marty voted for NAFTA, and I believe it has had some truly negative effects on our country. Outsourcing all of our manufacturing while allowing our country to be the marketplace for the world doesn’t appear to me to be good for the American worker.


  10. Bill Manzi says:

    A pretty tough Eagle Tribune editorial on Barry Finegold today. Read it at

    Barry continues to pay the price for a serious error in the last debate.


  11. Bill Manzi says:

    And finally a pretty good debate evaluation over at Left in Lowell. Read Mimi’s analysis at


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