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The House Moves to Restore Quinn Bill

The Boston Globe is reporting that the police unions have amassed 81 votes in the House to restore the Quinn benefits cut out entirely in the budget submitted for consideration by the House Ways and Means Committee. Rep. Chris Fallon, … Continue reading

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Budget Chaos

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts continues its budgetary free fall, with Governor Patrick indicating yesterday that he will, for the third time in the FY2009 budget, be forced to downgrade his revenue estimates and impose further cuts in the state budget. … Continue reading

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State Tax Collections Continue Free Fall

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts released the March tax receipt numbers, and the numbers were not good. Receipts were down from a year earlier by $309 million, and revenue missed the new downgraded target by $53 million. The overall drop in … Continue reading

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State Fiscal Condition Continues to Worsen

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts saw revenues come in for February $86 million dollars below the estimates, leading to a renewed warning that the FY2009 budget may be as much as one billion dollars out of balance. The alarm was sounded … Continue reading

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The Governor’s 2009 9-c cuts detailed

Governor Deval Patrick yesterday detailed his 9-c cuts by community, as well as producing a plan to balance the FY2009 state budget. The cuts were not good news for cities and towns in the Merrimack Valley. Methuen’s mid year cut … Continue reading

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Legislature Grants 9-C Authority to Governor

The Legislature yesterday granted expanded 9-c authority to Governor Deval Patrick to close a budget gap that is at about one billion dollars. In doing so the legislature exempted themselves, the judiciary, and constitutional officers from the expanded authority. It … Continue reading

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State Revenues Plunge

The State of Massachusetts, after making a big round of budget cuts because of rapidly declining tax revenue, is faced with a new shortfall, as revenue continues to plunge below even the new, lower estimates put out two months ago. … Continue reading

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