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Plowed Streets a luxury?

Todays Tribune has a story on the expense of snow plowing in Methuen titled “plowed streets a luxury”. The gist of the story is that Council Chairman Phil Lahey, a retired DPW worker who plowed streets for many years, maintains … Continue reading

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Tim Russert Passes Away

Tim Russert, the NBC News Washington Bureau Chief and the host of Meet the Press, has died suddenly, apparently of a heart attack. Russert, who was 58, was recording for the Sunday Meet the Press program when he was stricken. … Continue reading

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Readiness Schools

Matt Viser of the Boston Globe reported yesterday that Governor Deval Patrick will unveil a proposal for a new type of public school that will resemble in some fashion charter or pilot schools. From the Globe: Governor Deval Patrick, in … Continue reading

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The Phoenix eats humble pie

As a final note on the weight loss competition with Lawrence Mayor Michael Sullivan I must happily accept the congratulations offered by David Bernstein of the Phoenix Talking Politics blog. . As many remember Mr. Bernstein predicted a big win … Continue reading

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The stress on mass transit

With gas prices soaring the country is experiencing serious hikes in the utilization of mass transit. While that correlation is not exactly rocket science our traditional underfunding of mass transit as a country will have consequences as ridership goes up. … Continue reading

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The Tax Story

The Tribune is running a story today that essentially says that I am “blaming” the City Council for “raising taxes”. The story comes out of last nights budget workshop where I agreed to restore $400,000 to the Fire Department budget. … Continue reading

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The Al Franken Decade

Writer/comedian Al Franken won a resounding victory in Minnesota at the Democratic convention, earning the right to face Republican Norm Coleman in November for the U.S. Senate seat. Franken had been dogged by criticism of some of his writing as … Continue reading

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O’Reilly makes the ballot

Attorney Ed O’Reilly crossed the fifteen percent threshold at today’s Democratic convention, ensuring a September primary with John Kerry. (I have endorsed John Kerry in this race). The delegate count was 1994 to 580, giving O’Reilly about 23 percent. The … Continue reading

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Hillary Calls for Democratic Unity

Hillary Clinton, in an eloquent speech, called for Democratic unity and endorsed Barack Obama today. Senator Clinton’s speech, while expected, was a fine talk that put to rest any talk of her not being totally supportive of the party nominee. … Continue reading

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Methuen’s Budget

I have submitted to the City Council the FY 2009 budget. This budget, attached in pdf form, is an austerity budget that deals with the city’s fiscal crisis head on, imposing some pain that will allow us to get through … Continue reading

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