The Blog is Back

The blog, retired while I took a hiatus to run for Senate, is back. (Obviously much sooner than I would have preferred.) We will be back to talking with local, state, and national figures, and hopefully will have other folks posting here as well. We will hopefully bring you some great video and audio clips as well. The foibles of Mitt Romney should be enough to keep me busy for the next month, but there is an exciting First Essex Senate race, and a lively 14th Essex State Representative race as well. Not to mention the Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown race. All I can say is look out below. I am back.

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4 Responses to The Blog is Back

  1. Mike Smallwood says:

    We could have fun just staying right here in town


  2. Bill Manzi says:

    Don’t worry we are going to have plenty of local fun as well. Please let me know of any topics that might be of interest on the local scene, and We will give it a shot.


  3. Jules Gordon says:

    I begin my entry to your blog by asking you the same question which you have avoided at least 4 times in the previous life of this blog;’ ARE YOU LOOKING TO 4 MORE YEARS OF A OBAMA PRESIDENCY?


    • Bill Manzi says:

      I have endorsed the President for re-election. As I have said many times I do not agree with President Obama all the time, but I find the current Republican economic orthodoxy to be both unappealing, and likely to increase distress in the areas where they have the nerve to critique the President. (On the deficit). I do believe I have answered this question before. And it is good to have you back!!


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