Thank You Methuen

This morning Mayor Steve Zanni will be sworn in as Methuen’s fourth Mayor of the modern period, and fifth overall. With the closing of my third term of office as Mayor I would like to thank the good people of Methuen for the honor of serving as Mayor of this wonderful community. It really has been an honor and a privelege to serve this City. My thanks to the employees of the City, and to my staff, who put up with me for six years. Best wishes to all for a happy and safe New Year!

My exit interview with the Tribune is here.

My Staff on my final day in office!

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4 Responses to Thank You Methuen

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Good luck in your future endeavors.



  2. Rashid Khan says:

    Dear Mayor Manzi.
    Thank you for everything. You helped the community a lot.
    I read the article in the Eagle Tribune today, and you are surely the “Action Man” in my book.

    A lot got done in Methuen under your watch.
    A lot happened in Methuen (floods, power outage, HS project, Police, Fire, Hospital, Loop) and you led the community very nicely.

    Thanks for great 10 years.
    It has been a pleasure to talk to you every single time.
    We will miss your smile.

    Good luck in all your future projects.



  3. Gerard Donahue says:

    Former Mayor or should we say Mayor Alumni:

    My boys and I were their at the inaugural ceremonies. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Maybe in the future, we may see you in a State Senator or Rep. assuming one of them decides not to run for re-election.



  4. Matt says:

    It’s about time the staff got a thank you 🙂 It’s been a very interesting six years. I learned a lot. I’ll look for you at your new office at Starbucks!


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