Bobbleheads on Parade

The Scott Brown hit parade has started, with Bobblehead (Scott) Brown being unveiled by a consortium of Democratic groups. Caused quite a fracas in the blogosphere, with David Bernstein and Rob Eno over at Red Mass Group getting into a bit of a dust-up over the forces behind MassUniting, the cover group who launched the attack. Bernstein’s original piece is here, as well as the Rob Eno response. You can follow from there.

Much ado about nothing, with Scott Brown honcho Eric Fehrnstrom tonight outed as the author/owner of the “CrazyKhazei” twitter feed, and the Massachusetts Democratic Party releasing an earthquake video showing Bobble Head Brown toppling over from the quake. I laughed at some of the tweets from Fehrnstrom, and I did get a chuckle out of the quake video. And out of all that back and forth I only took out one nugget, which was by Bernstein. His point about Scott Brown, the prohibitive underdog in the last election, being able to run his own campaign without some of the heavier attacks that national Republicans might have foisted upon him, is dead on. Brown ran and won the last election with a healthy dose of retail, a promise to be against Obama Care, and a real guy persona. Might not be a bad way for him to run again. Everything else, for now, is static to the public’s ears. But some of it is pretty funny.

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2 Responses to Bobbleheads on Parade

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    Massuniting is associated with the SEIU. You know the thugs that beat up that Chicago Vendor at the Democratic convention and who arrive en mass at the managers of the financial institution in order to intimidate them and their families.

    Fact Check response to the Massuniting ad; “A misleading liberal ad attacks Sen. Scott Brown as a yes-man for “Wall Street and the national Republican agenda.” The truth is that Brown was one of only three Republican senators to vote for the controversial Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. And the Massachusetts senator votes contrary to other Republican senators once every five or six votes, a more independent record than all but a few in his party.”

    Democratic class warfare continues.



  2. Jules Gordon says:

    So, Your Honor,

    Quite a voting record for a RINO. I wonder if Mayor Setti would change his stupid ad where he chided Brown for voting with his party 80%.

    Do you think John, “Live Shot” Kerry would surpass that record and vote less than 80% with his party. (snicker)



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