The Presidential Address on Iraq

The President talked to the nation last night about the “end to combat operations” in Iraq. And while conservatives talk about the evils of domestic spending, and rail about the deficits being incurred by the federal government, they seem to be supportive of continued spending in Iraq, including massive amounts of money for “nation building”. Even moderate conservative David Brooks extols the “success” of American nation building in Iraq. Spending (according to Brooks) $53 billion on infrastructure in Iraq while American infrastructure falls apart strikes me as the height of folly. Borrowing the money to do so is lunacy. And the end to “combat operations” does not mean a total withdrawal. We will have 50,000 troops there indefinitely. Add those bases to the German bases, the Japanese bases, the Korean bases and you have plenty of federal defense stimulus funding. Problem is the stimulus is for the citizens of those countries to enjoy. Meanwhile we keep looking to close American military bases and create the economic dislocation that comes with those closings. I guess the military is shipping jobs overseas as well.

Read the David Brooks column here.

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5 Responses to The Presidential Address on Iraq

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,
    Republicans are supporting Obama and the troops. I notice Obama never kept his promise to bring the war to a screeching halt.

    Now “The One” is generating a 3.2 trillion deficit soon to go up to 3.5 soon.

    Give me a break.

    And you are not an ideologue.



  2. Bill Manzi says:


    You are concerned with the deficit? Then why don’t you advocate paying for what you spend, instead of borrowing it.I don’t remember you calling for an income tax surtax to fund the war. I guess deficits only matter when we spend to help the American people. Obama spent $800 billion on stimulus for America, borrowed it, and that was wrong (according to you). But we spend trillions on the biggest geopolitical mistake in the history of the country and you say borrow more and keep nation building. As usual you refuse to deal in specifics, and only broad brush with slogans. Let me ask a specific question, and just maybe I will get a specific response. Is it appropriate to spend billions upgrading the Iraqi electrical grid, and borrow the money to do so. That was the policy started under President Bush, and continued under President Obama? Yes or no?



  3. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    My answer is “NO”.

    I always had trouble with President Bush. I fear President Obama. No matter how you paint it, Obama is driving us into debt and mediocrity.

    Your turn


  4. Jim says:

    You want a specific answer to a specific question from somebody who derives all their ‘newsworthy’ information strictly from foxsnooze — which deals nothing in specifics but wholly in ‘misleading generalities’ (not to be confused with outright lies)?!


  5. Jules Gordon says:


    Nice to have you back. How about adding some substance to the conversation.

    Your Bud, Jules


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