The Obama Labor Day Message

With job losses continuing the nation’s unemployment rate rose to 9.7%, as August showed a net job loss of 216,000. While it is clear that job losses are slowing,the unemployment rate is at its highest level in over twenty years, with a budding economic recovery not translating into any job creation. The job loss number for August was the lowest we have experienced in over a year, which on the job front now constitutes “positive” news. Against that backdrop President Obama gave his weekly address, focusing on Labor Day and jobs.

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6 Responses to The Obama Labor Day Message

  1. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    You fellows are putting the lipstick on the pig.

    Now our magnanimous President is adding honey to the bad news that the economy is still tanking. It reminds me of Marcos, the former President of the Philippines, who used to give out big raises to the Government workers just before an election to cement his win no matter how bad things are.

    With his record breaking tanking pol figures, he had to contrive some give away as well.

    I think the bloom is off the rose, your honor. many people just do not trust this man. The obvious proof is the number of schools that are blocking out his indoctrination speech to the kids. Those that are showing it are being boycotted by the parents. The cause; complete lack of trust. This same disease is tanking his Healthcare plan (plan? what plan)as more and more voters are being frightened by what is going around him.

    I believe you had some problems with his governance as well as you have almost missed
    entering blogs for all of August. After all it was an embarrasing month.

    Now we find he is staffing his administration with absolutely scary whack jobs. We can talk about that later.

    Also we are moving past a 10 trillion indebtedness.

    Oh, one more thing, his stimulus is doing nothing. Give the money back to the people, Mr. President.

    God save the republic.



  2. Gerard Donahue says: –> Done by Rep John Kline R-MN.

    Any thoughts Jules, Mayor Manzi or anyone else.



  3. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I notice that Van Jones has resigned.

    What I want to know is why would our bipartisan President hire this guy in the first place considering the public nature of Van Jones past racist comments?



  4. Patrizia says:

    How’s that hopee changee thing workin’ out for ya?


  5. Jules Gordon says:


    I know of two people who heard this, you and I. If the mayor watches, I bet he laughs his head off.

    Conservatives are by nature minimalists. This is a poor sell when liberals promise everything to a largely dependent population as we have been turning into.

    In this action no one will listen to the congressman.



  6. Jules Gordon says:

    Your Honor,

    I noticed that the President will be speaking to a small group of privileged workers and ignoring the vast majority on this Labor Day.

    Actually he will be addressing his labor union masters. Since this great American institution is only able to draw 17% of workers into its fold the remaining 83% are ignored.

    Of course He(the One), the Liberals in congress and the Labor Unions are teaming up to enact the Card Check bill which will give the labor unions carte Blanche to hijack those ungrateful holdouts.

    God Save Our Demagogue President.



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